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Black Alumni Leaders Reflect on “Repairing the World”

February 4, 2020

Photo grid of six alumni

In celebration of Black History Month, the Brandeis Alumni Association asked black alumni leaders to reflect on how they are living out Brandeis’ founding principle of “repairing the world” in their careers, personal lives and areas of study.

The principle is a common thread that runs through the founding of both the university and the Department of African and African American studies, which celebrated its 50th-anniversary last year and from which several of the featured alumni received their degrees.

In their own words, learn how six inspiring alumni have set out to repair the world, how their Brandeis experience shaped their path, and what advice they have for current students.

Herman Hemingway ’53

Malika Imhotep ’15

Dr. Janice Johnson Dias ’94

Dr. Lucretia Jones ’77

R Remi Matthews ’19

Judge Edward Redd ’71