Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends

Brandeis Women’s Network

The Brandeis Women’s Network fosters connections among Brandeis women, both on a personal and professional level. We bring together aspiring and inspiring Brandeis alumnae and friends to share ideas, insights and experiences. 

  • Five women from the Brandeis Women's Network smiling at the launch event
    Patsy Fisher, vice president of alumni relations; Talee Potter ’97; Dona Kahn ’54; Amy Cohen ’85; and Nikki (Mannathoko) Kuhlmann, senior associate director of alumni relations, at the launch of the Brandeis Women’s Network in New York City in June 2019.
  • Deborah Bial and Women's Network co-chairs at event
    University Trustee and Founder of the Posse Foundation Deborah Bial, Talee Potter ’97 and Amy Cohen ’85
  • Three young alumni smiling at Womens Network event
    Young alumni enjoy a Brandeis Women’s Network event.

Members of the Brandeis Women’s Network enjoy:

  • Events with engaging featured speakers - both online and in person 
  • Professional development workshops
  • Cooking classes
  • Book discussions
  • Online networking opportunities through the Women’s Network Facebook Group, Linkedin Group and B Connect Group
  • Much more! 

The Brandeis Women’s Network currently has two regional networks in NYC and in Boston. We are in the process of developing additional regional networks that will offer both in-person and virtual programming in the near future. If you’re interested in starting a regional network, contact us at

Leadership Team

Leslie Effron Levin ’94
Leslie Effron Levin ’94

Women’s Network Co-Chair

White Plains, New York
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Attorney, Cuddy & Feder, LLP

Favorite Brandeis Professor: Antony Polonsky

Favorite Place on Campus: Woods next to Sachar International Center - so beautiful in the Fall!

Favorite Brandeis Memory: Cheerleading at basketball games - especially when the Men’s Team won the ECAC tournament in 1992.

I volunteer because I recognize that my Brandeis education and extracurricular activities while I was a student, impacted the person I am today. My father taught me the value of giving back to your college both with your time and your pocketbook. By volunteering, I am able to maintain my connection with Brandeis and see how Brandeis continues to grow and evolve. I love connecting alumni to each other and to the school. By doing so, they can also build their networks and see the amazing things that are happening on campus. Once a cheerleader - always a cheerleader!

Talee Zur Potter ’97

Brandeis Women’s Network, Co-Chair

New York, New York
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Head of People and Employment Law at Axoni

Favorite Brandeis Professor: Prof. Keller

Favorite Place on Campus: SSB

Favorite Brandeis Memory: Meeting my husband at SSB

I volunteer because I owe my education, career, and family to Brandeis.