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  • President Ron Liebowitz seated with group of Brandeis alumni and families in Hong Kong
    President Ron Liebowitz visits with Brandeis alumni and parents in Hong Kong, April 2019. 
  • Alumna Roy Hua speaking into a microphone with President Ron Liebowitz smiling in the background.
    Roy Hua, MA’96, PhD’02 welcoming President Liebowtiz to Beijing in April 2019.  
  • Nobel Laureate Michael Rosbash with large group of alumni and families in Shanghai
    Nobel Laureate Michael Rosbash and alumni and families at an Alumni Club event in Shanghai, October 2019.

Greater China is home to more than 3,000 Brandeis alumni. As students from China are the largest group of international students at Brandeis, Greater China has three active Brandeis alumni clubs: the Alumni Club of Beijing, the Alumni Club of Shanghai and the Alumni Club of Hong Kong.

The three clubs serve as hubs for connecting local alumni and families with each other and the broader Brandeis community through events and meetups with industry leaders, faculty, senior administrators, admitted students, alumni and parents.

In addition to the three alumni clubs, a senior alumni leadership group comprised of Roy Hua, MA96, PhD02; Trustee Lan Xue 90, IBS MA91; Roberta Lipson 76; and Michael Zhang, IBS MA90 provides advice and support for alumni initiatives.  

Whether you're a returning "sea turtle," new to China or have lived here for many years, we invite you to join our local network, attend upcoming events or volunteer to help plan events that will bring Brandeisians together.

Please follow us on our Brandeis WeChat Official Account and email for information on how to join various WeChat groups. We hope to see you at a future event!

Due to COVID-19, we can't host in-person events until further notice. In the meantime, please join us on Zoom for a wide variety of virtual alumni events.

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August 20, 2021
ChinaFocus@Deis: Investment in Generation Z
Alumni Club of China - Online

Meet Our Regional Leadership Team

Chang Liu ’12

President, Alumni Club of Beijing

Beijing, China
Zhichu Xiang, IBS MA’09

Co-President, Alumni Club of Shanghai

Shanghai, China
Maowei Zhu, IBS MA’06

Co-President, Alumni Club of Shanghai

Shanghai, China
Anjali Hardasani ’04

Co-President, Alumni Club of Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Anqi Wang, IBS MA’17

Co-President, Alumni Club of Hong Kong

Hong Kong