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For Foundations

Brandeis University has a unique identity. As a small university with the liberal arts at its core, we bring together the virtues of the liberal arts college and the research university. Our faculty are leading scholars, scientists and artists; and our students – 5,000 in number, including about 3,200 undergraduates – have abundant opportunities to work closely with faculty at all levels of study.

We are also a university that takes a deep interest in the uses to which knowledge is put. Founded and supported by the American Jewish community, Brandeis seeks to advance the prophetic ideals that are central to the Jewish tradition. But Brandeis is also non-sectarian; there are no religious tests or requirements for students, faculty or staff.

Brandeis looks to foundations for support of original research, curricular and pedagogical innovations and other projects. We strive to build enduring relationships with foundations so that we can work together in pursuit of our common goals.

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