Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends


A group of event attendees stand in a living room, looking up toward the camera above.
Legal Studies Professor Dan Breen spoke about prohibition at a Faculty in the Field event in April 2019, hosted by Frani ’66 and Ted Bickart at their home in Golden, Colorado.

More than 500 alumni live in Colorado, with the largest numbers in and around Denver. The group typically holds a Faculty in the Field event every other year, featuring a talk by a Brandeis faculty member and often including a potluck lunch or dinner as part of the event. Denver alumni also gather for theater outings, happy hours and community service events.

Whether you are new to the region or have lived here for many years, we welcome you to join our regional leadership team to plan programs that will bring Brandeisians together.

We look forward to launching a Facebook group for alumni in Colorado and welcome volunteers to serve as moderators. Please connect with us at