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Principles of Brandeis Gift Acceptance

Updated March 2020

Brandeis University’s gift acceptance deliberations and determinations are based on the following core tenets and guiding principles:

  1. Alignment of Purpose – Gift proceeds are to be applied in support of the Brandeis core mission.
  2. Academic Freedom and Integrity – No gift may compromise the University’s commitment to academic freedom and integrity, or adversely impact Brandeis’s ability to retain sole authority over the direction, management and operation of its affairs including its academic programs, research activities, admission processes, and awards of student financial assistance.
  3. No Discrimination – No gift will be accepted that discriminates on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, color, national origin, caste, religion, gender, sex, age, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, military status, or disability, all as otherwise set forth in the University’s Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy, as revised from time to time.
  4. Donor Intent – All donors should be motivated by a philanthropic desire to further the Brandeis core mission.
  5. University’s Obligation to the Donor – Gift proceeds are to be applied in accordance with the donor’s stated wishes as agreed upon in advance, and in writing, by Brandeis.
  6. No Undue Burden – No gift may impose an undue financial, administrative, or physical space burden on the University’s resources or otherwise expose Brandeis to potential liability.
  7. Source of Gifts to Brandeis – No proposed gift will be accepted if any member of the University’s senior leadership team has actual knowledge that the funds or property to be donated were acquired by other than legal means.
  8. Investment, Management, and Application of Gift Proceeds – Brandeis must retain sole control and ultimate discretion over the investment and administration of gift proceeds and the manner in which gift proceeds are applied in furtherance of the donor’s agreed upon stated wishes.
  9. No-Risk to the University’s Reputation – No gift will be accepted if the gift’s proposed terms and/or the University’s ensuing association with the prospect or donor, whether actual or perceived, might adversely and meaningfully impact the University’s reputation, standing, or integrity, or otherwise expose Brandeis to any potential liability.
  10. No Endorsement of Donor – Under no circumstance shall the University’s acceptance of a gift suggest or otherwise imply that Brandeis endorses or agrees with the donor’s views, opinions, business practices, or activities.
  11. Transparency – The University will share information about the receipt of its gifts in a manner that best serves the interests of the University and respects the wishes of its donors. 
  12. Donor Anonymity – No proposed gift from a transferor who does not want her/his identity revealed to the University will be accepted by Brandeis unless the President and the Chair of the Brandeis Board of Trustees are made aware of that transferor’s true identity.