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Brandeis Tech Experts Walt Mossberg ’69 and Adam Cheyer ’88 on Technology for Change

October 2, 2019

Walt Mossberg and Adam Cheyer smile widely at the camera and point fingers at one another in front of greenery
Walt Mossberg ’69 (left) and Adam Cheyer ’88.

Photo Credit: Noé Montes

Co-founder of Siri and, Adam Cheyer 88 teamed up with Walt Mossberg ’69, former chief technology writer at The Wall Street Journal and co-founder of the All Things Digital conference, to talk all things tech at a Brandeis event in Beverly Hills last month.
Drawing on their vast industry experience and easy rapport with one another, the pair chatted about their Brandeis experience, the tech world’s unique and often hidden human stories and their perspectives on technology as a tool for social change.
The event was hosted by Lisa Field ’82 at her Southern California home. Jim Felton ’85 provided the opening remarks and greetings from Brandeis, Beto Pallares ’95 moderated a Q&A after the conversation, and Jackie Simons ’89, president of the Brandeis University Alumni Club of Southern California, made the closing remarks.

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