Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends

Institutional Advancement Releases New Privacy Statement

May 24, 2018

Louis Brandeis statue against a blue sky with white clouds. Yellow and orange lillies cover the foreground of the photo.

Brandeis’ Institutional Advancement Division has issued a new Privacy Statement to make it easier for our Brandeis students, alumni and friends to understand what personal information we collect and how we use it. Specifically, the Privacy Statement includes more detail about the information we collect, how we collect the information, how we make use of the information, and how we may share the information.

You can access and review the Privacy Statement here.

Your privacy is important to us. Information in the Brandeis Advancement database will not be used for any commercial or philanthropic purpose that is not directly connected with or approved by the University; nor will copies be made, or original information or facsimile be given, lent, or sold to any other individual or organization