Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends

A Framework for Our Future

October 30, 2018

Ron Liebowitz speaks to a crowd at a podium

President Ron Liebowitz addressed the campus community on Oct. 29 in a speech titled “A Framework for our Future.” View the speech here, and read his message to the community below.

Dear Fellow Brandeisians,

Today, I shared a framework for our future in a speech before a packed and attentive audience of faculty, students, staff, and alumni in Sherman Function Hall.

Before beginning my talk, I asked for a moment of silence and reflection as we honor the blessed memory of the 11 congregants who died this past Shabbat in Pittsburgh, and thank and pray for the recovery of the public safety officers who bravely intervened. We are deeply shocked and horrified by the ugly bigotry and anti-Semitism that took place in Pittsburgh. We are committed to advancing the cause of reason, inclusion, and justice for all, which is the essence of what Brandeis stands for.

As we enter our 70th year, Brandeis is at an inflection point. Today’s address, which can be seen here in full, advances a vision that is grounded in our founding values and builds upon our enviable strengths.

The energy and enthusiasm for this framework and vision that I felt in Sherman today is indicative of how much all our stakeholders care about Brandeis, and how deeply invested we all are in securing a strong future for this unique institution. I welcome your thoughts and constructive suggestions as we engage together in the important work of preserving and revitalizing Brandeis.

As I said at the end of my talk today, Louis Brandeis felt that “most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.”

Brandeis was an impossible dream before it was founded. It was a long shot to succeed. Yet, from its humble beginnings, the university quickly emerged as a serious, significant, and respected institution. I’m calling upon our community — this community — to summon the energy, idealism, and audacity of our founders to do in our time what they did in theirs, and to set Brandeis on a strong, secure, and sustainable future. It is a worthy task; indeed, it is a noble undertaking.