Class of 1974 Reception in Skyline

Depending on your level of observance, accommodations are available for Shabbat-observant guests during Alumni Weekend.

On Friday night, mechitza and egalitarian Shabbat services are available, followed by Shabbat dinner. On Saturday, mechitza services are offered throughout the day. Additionally, Kosher food options at every event are K-V-H certified and supervised by a mashgiach.

All services during Alumni Weekend are volunteer-led. Thank you to our volunteers for making Shabbat programming possible!

Download a schedule of Shabbat-friendly events (PDF).


Shabbat-observant guests can stay on-campus in the Ridgewood residence halls and can request a key, rather than a card swipe, for access on Shabbat. The main Brandeis campus is surrounded by an eruv.

Candle Lighting

There are multiple opportunities for candle-lighting both at dinner and services. Additionally, there are candles available at registration for lighting on your own.

Guests staying on-campus must adhere to the following guidelines if lighting a candle in a residence hall:

  1. The candlesticks may not exceed four inches in height and must be placed in a pan filled with one half of an inch of water. The pan must be large enough to catch the candles if they fall. Preferably, candlesticks should be made of metal.
  2. The candlesticks must be placed on a table or desk completely cleared of other material, away from shelves and open windows. The candles should be at least 36 inches in all directions from any clothing, papers, books, wood shelves, wall hangings, posters or curtains.

If you plan to light candles in your on-campus residence hall, please bring your own pan and candlesticks.

Shabbat Program Highlights