Alumni with students at Alumni of Color Reception
Alumni from various years chat with student liaisons at the Alumni of Color Network Dessert Reception.
Justice editors from 1952-2019 pose for group photo at Alumni Weekend.
Justice editors from 1952-2019 show the Justice Alumni edition created collaboratively for Alumni Weekend 2019.
Group of alumni at Alumni Weekend
5th Reunion attendees wrap up a fun weekend with the annual Farewell Champagne Brunch.
The 2020 reunion classes (graduation years ending in 0 or 5) as well as the 2021 reunion classes (graduation years ending in 1 or 6) will be celebrated at Alumni Weekend 2021, which will be held June 11-13. The Office of Alumni Relations and the 2020 Class Reunion Committees remain in close contact to ensure all of the plans made will still take place next spring.
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