Alumni Weekend Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of reunions. Consider joining your class, club or organization committee in promoting memorable programs for the hundreds of alumni, family and friends who plan to return to celebrate Brandeis' Alumni Weekend. We thank these volunteers for their hard work and dedication to making this celebration special!

To get in touch with a volunteer from your class, email

Class of 1954 Reunion Committee 

Sydney Rose Abend, Co-chair
Barbara Cantor Sherman, Co-chair
Isaac Goodman
Jeanette Winston Goodman
Dona Seeman Kahn

Class of 1959 Reunion Committee

Michael Fisher, Co-chair
Amy Medine Stein, Co-chair
Sunny Sunshine Brownrout
Rosalind Kaufman

Class of 1964 Reunion Committee

Danny Lehrman, Chair
Joel Abrams
Charlotte Glazer Baer
Peter Berkowsky
Frederic Gordon
Michael Lewis
Celia Ussak Lidz
David Phillips
Leslie Rivkind
Marilyn Epstein Susman
Stephen Ugelow

Class of 1969 Reunion Committee

Nina Mayer, Co-chair
Edith Marcus Mossberg, Co-chair
Walter Mossberg, Co-chair
Nancy Sherman Shapiro, Co-chair
Ira Shapiro, Co-chair
Paula Schwartz Apsell
Geoffrey Belinfante
Stephen Coyle
Joan Dassin
Ann Carol Grossman
Marc Hoffman
Mark Horowitz
Michael Lemle
Arthur Levy
Gregory Prestopino
Nicholas Racheotes
Robert Romasco
Robert Shuman
Sheila Felsman Shuman
Cynthia Toomer
Lynn Weissberg
Richard Williams
Norman Winer

Class of 1974 Reunion Committee

Daniel Isaac Kazzaz, Co-chair
Betsy Sarason Pfau, Co-chair
Laurie Albert
Donald Friedman
Daniel Klein
Sharon Hammer Rubin

Class of 1979 Reunion Committee

Amy Greenberg Bard, Co-chair
Leonard Bard, Co-chair
Pamela Anderson

Class of 1984 Reunion Committee

Denise Silber Brooks, Co-chair
Michele Silber Kaish, Co-chair

Class of 1989 Reunion Committee

James Eber, Co-chair
Alyssa Iris Sanders, Co-chair
Bronte Ward Abraham
Lori Bring-Olbrys
Michelle Davis Cohen
Michelle Fiddler
Monica Harris
Jeffrey Heller
Sara Joseph
Catherine Nassa

Class of 1994 Reunion Committee

David Marshall Adlerstein

Class of 1999 Reunion Committee

Brooke Bregman, Co-chair
Carolyn Gray Kimberlin, Co-chair

Class of 2004 Reunion Committee

Daniela Egan, Co-chair
Ora Wexler, Co-chair
Arti Dua
Michael Weinstein-Reiman

Class of 2009 Reunion Committee

Samual Shoolman, Co-chair
James Ansorge
Adam Eisenberg
Michelle Eisenberg
Robin Farber
Julia Sokolyansky

Class of 2014 Reunion Committee

Avi Fuld, Co-chair
Celine Hacobian, Co-chair
Andre Tran, Co-chair
Rafael Abramowitz
Rachel Benjamin
Emily Eng
Philip Gallagher
Samantha Gordon
Ruben Kanya
Jacob Lurie
Anthony Nguyen
Ivan Ponieman
Jeremy Schmidt
Carlton Shakes
Hanna Ross Switlekowski ’13
Emily Troge
Andrew Wingens