Alumni Weekend Ambassadors

More than 70 alumni have volunteered to become Alumni Weekend Ambassadors, joining with Brandeis’ Institutional Advancement Division to create and promote memorable programs for the hundreds of alumni, family and friends who plan to return to celebrate Brandeis’ inaugural Alumni Weekend. We thank these volunteers for their hard work and dedication to making this new celebration special!

To get in touch with an Ambassador from your class, email

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors help spread the word about Alumni Weekend by promoting it to their network of friends. If you are part of a large group that would like to gather during Alumni Weekend and don’t mind doing a little legwork, you also can help organize an Alumni Weekend event for a class, organization, club, team or other group.

We hope you’ll consider becoming an Alumni Weekend Ambassador, a role that will be very important to the success of this new event. Being an Ambassador is a perfect role for people who love being in the know and enjoy connecting people.

Please fill out this short form and we’ll be back in touch soon.

Alumni Weekend Ambassadors


Roberta Apfel ’58


Marcia Kaplan Belgorod ’68
Jonathan Bernstein ’68
Penny Pressman Bernstein ’68
Jacqueline Bradley ’68
Renee Tankeroff Brant ’68
Stephen Goldman ’68
Lois Gordon ’68
Allan Goroll ’68
Stephen Herman ’68
Sarah Andree John ’68
Marvin Kabakoff ’68
Jay Kaufman ’68
Bernice Yood Roth ’68
Lynn Silver ’68
Mark Simon ’68
Henry Sussman ’68
Ruth Seltzer Vogel ’68


Lee Brooks ’73
Mark Cohen ’78
George Kahn ’73
Paul Regan ’73
Jan Solomon ’73
Eric Stern ’78
David Sternberg ’78
Mark Surchin ’78
Sandra Chartkoff Wegman ’78
Myles Weisenberg ’78


Mark Fischer ’83
Aaron Greenberg ’88
Risa Levine ’83
Ian Rubin ’88
Robin Sherman ’83


Amy Bilsky ’98
Sharon Cohen ’93
Gina Ehrlich Gonchar ’93
Marc Gonchar ’93
Alexander Heckler ’98
Warner Macklin ’98
Amanda Pressman ’98
Miriam Pomeranz ’93
Gina Loren Posner ’98
Neary Reth ’98


Whitney Gray Bailer ’08
Daniel Braunfeld ’03
Mara Braunfeld ’03
Lauren Ehrlich ’08
*Sarah Gaby ’08
Rachel Gold ’08
*Sarah Klein ’08
*Gabriela Lupatkin ’09
*Edgar Ndjatou ’06
*Bailey Orshan ’06
*Brandon Pick ’08
*Marissa Pick ’07
Aaron Pike ’03
Phillip Reisman ’03
Nicole Salzman ’08
Joshua Segal ’03
Jennifer Segal ’03


Elizabeth (Fields) Asen ’13
Joshua Asen ’13
*Rebecca Bachman ’13
*Alicia Ball ’15
*Alyssa Bickoff ’15
Jeffrey Boxer ’13
Erica Cooperberg ’13
Jonna Cottrell ’13
Amanda Dryer ’13
Sara Eisenberg ’13
David Fisch ’13
Ellyn Getz ’13
*Harrison Goldspiel ’13
Hilary Heyison ’13
*Daniel Koas ’16
Sivan Levine ’13
Jesse Link ’13
Jesse Manning ’13
Rachel Nelson ’13
*Rebecca Ney ’11
*Savannah Pearlman ’12
*Herbert Rosen ’12
*Nathanial Rosenblum ’10
Alexandra Shapiro ’13
Robyn Spector ’13
*Andre Ve Pigason Tran ’14
Reed Zukerman ’13

*-Also volunteers as a Class Agent.