Student Emergency Fund Impact

student types on laptop

Thank you to the many alumni and friends who have given to the Brandeis Student Emergency Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your support has made so much possible for our students.

As of May 27, 2020, we have disbursed emergency funding to close to 900 Brandeis students in need. More specifically:

  • $292,000+ in rental assistance to help 300+ students find new housing arrangements

  • $90,000+ in travel reimbursements to help 190+ students get off-campus safely

  • $95,000+ towards the purchase of laptops and other technology to help 150+ students learn remotely

  • $68,000+ in food and groceries to help nourish 175+ students

  • $6,000+ in travel directly booked through the Brandeis travel agencies

  • Remaining funding has covered for food, WiFi, shipping and storage, and a variety of other needs

Thank you for supporting Brandeis students through these uncertain times. We are so grateful.

For Students

Students in need of emergency assistance may email for more information.