COVID-19 Career Resources

As part of the University’s response to COVID-19, the Hiatt Career Center has fully transitioned to a virtual office. All appointments are being conducted over the phone or through a video-based platform like Zoom or Skype. In-person career events have moved to an online format for the remainder of the academic year.

The Hiatt Career Center with support from the Alumni Association offers free career services to Brandeis undergraduate alumni for life. Work with Hiatt to advance your career, connect with fellow alumni and make a difference in the lives of current students.

Supporting students' career development

If you or your organization are in a position to help support a Brandeis student's career needs, review Hiatt's alumni volunteer menu as well as learn more about micro-internships (short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns typically over a two to four week time period).

Career services for graduate alumni

All of Brandeis' graduate schools also offer services to alumni, visit your career center website:

Resources for managing job loss

If you have just experienced a job loss or furlough, or if your work has been impacted by COVID-19, know that you are not alone. Hiatt and Brandeis are here to help you navigate your way through this transition. Here are some concrete action steps you can take to make it through.

  • Give yourself space and time to process all you are feeling, and reach out to supportive friends and family.
  • Evaluate your immediate and long term needs.
  • Identify local and federal resources that can help
  • Consider your next steps by evaluating your skills, examining existing opportunities and scheduling a meeting with a Hiatt career counselor.

Put safety first

Unexpected job transitions can impact personal and professional identity. If you have just experienced a loss you may need to address physical, emotional or safety concerns first. Visit federal and state resources (Massachusetts COVID-19 unemployment information) for more information on immediate resources, and employment assistance.  

Review your finances

Review your finances and determine how long you can remain not working. Take inventory of your physical and financial resources as well as your support resources. Who can you turn to for physical, emotional and safety concerns? Read more about Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

Evaluate your skills

Your Brandeis education prepared you for broad-based transferable skills, those are the skills you can take with you from one role to the next. Consider your leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, analytical/quantitative, technical and interpersonal skills.  Each one can be applied to many different industries and types of roles. Use O*NET Database and websites to explore industries and job roles where you can apply for your skills. The O*NET Skills Search lets you explore roles by skills. 

Consider your next steps 

Acknowledge that this is a very stressful situation, and varied emotions are normal. Take a little break to evaluate your situation, and be kind to yourself. When you are ready, consider your next steps. You might use this opportunity to pivot your career, or you might need to explore a few part-time roles to provide income during the transition. 

Similar to past recessions, while some industries see less hiring others will increase. COVID-19: Job Market Insights & Job Search Strategies from Experts and IBISWorld - Global COVID-19 Impact on Industry Sectors provide up-to-date resources on job trends.  

Meet with a Hiatt staff member

Collaborate with Hiatt to develop personalized strategies to stay flexible in an ever-changing professional world. Meet with us over the phone or via video.  

If you had a UNet or Handshake account as a student, it automatically transfers to an alumni account and you can make an appointment online. If you can’t recall your account, please contact us at 781-736-3618 to schedule an appointment. 

Note: To best serve our students and alumni, we offer one appointment per week and encourage meeting with the same counselor to develop a relationship and maintain consistency. In some cases, alumni may be referred to additional career support from local resources who can better meet their immediate or long-term career needs.  

Appointment Preparation

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming appointment or looking for ways to follow-up, here are some tips to ensure you are making the most out of your experience.

Attend events and webinars

The Hiatt Career Center offers a number of robust virtual resources that can help support your job search and career development. This includes a library of 50+ archived webinars on the following topics:

  • Career Change and Advancement
  • Personal Branding and Networking
  • Elements of a Job Search
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Alumni Industry Panels

Visit the Brandeis Campus Calendar to view upcoming virtual events. Most career events are open to alumni from any program. Contact the event organizer if you have any questions.

Access job search resources

Even in a good hiring environment, the job search process has many ups and downs. Conducting a job search during a recession or global pandemic will come with its own set of concerns and issues. The employment situation is changing daily. Start by reviewing resources and creating a strategy.

Review COVID-19: Job Market Insights & Job Search Strategies from Experts. You might also want to consider creating your own virtual opportunity.

Explore the Hiatt Career Center's list of job search resources including:

Access graduate school resources

In a recession, many people choose to look for graduate programs. While this can seem like a good stopgap measure, consider the costs, return on investment and what you are interested in doing when you receive your degree. Previous recessions have produced an excess of advanced degree holders with fewer opportunities.