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The Hiatt Career Center sponsors a monthly alumni webinar series featuring a variety of career topics, industry-specific panels and more. Live webinars are held on weekdays at 12 noon ET. For your convenience, all webinars are archived by topic below for viewing 24-7.

Latest Webinar (aired 5/3/19)

Transform Your Career with Design Thinking
Presenter: Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch

Learn to leverage design-thinking principles and the creative process to meet your career and life goals.

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Career Transition

Networking for Career Transitions
Presenter: Tammy Gooler Loeb
Strategies on crafting an elevator pitch and successfully expanding your network, both in-person and online.
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The New Age of Employment: Age as an Advantage in the Job Search
Presenters: Wendy Gelberg & Amy Mazur, Career Navigators at JVS
Job search techniques and strategies for older workers.
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The New Age of Employment: Working in the Retirement Years
Presenter: Elizabeth F. Fideler '64, EdD, Author
Current trends in labor force participation among older workers, including who’s bypassing retirement, who’s unretiring, and why.
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The Future of Work: Hot Jobs & Industry Trends from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics
Presenter: Tim Consedine, regional economist, BLS
Official BLS employment projections highlight where the hot jobs will be by industry, occupation, and type of degree.
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From Hiring to Firing: What You Need to Know
Presenter: Melissa Fleischer, Esq., P'21, employment law expert
Covers the ins and outs of legal issues you may encounter across your employment journey.
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Strategies for a Successful Career Change
Presenter: Pamela Weinberg '87, career coach / personal branding strategist
Practical strategies for a successful career transition, with a focus on transferable skills.
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Career Happiness Q&A
Presenter: Anna Graham Hunter, career happiness coach
Answers to alumni-submitted questions about networking, re-entering the workforce, finding passions and what's next.
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Managing Your Quarter-Life Crisis
Presenter: Pamela Weinberg '87, career coach / personal branding strategist
Covers re-discovering passions, assessing skills, building confidence, and searching for what's next.
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Make the Leap to a Career You Love
Presenter: Anna Graham Hunter, career happiness coach
Strategies for transitioning to a career you love without starting over at the bottom.
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Strategies for Re-entering the Workforce
Presenter: Pamela Weinberg '87, career coach / personal branding strategist
How to update your personal brand when looking to re-enter the workforce after a gap in employment.
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Cracking the Code: Proven Strategies for Successfully Returning to Work
Presenters: Addie Swartz, CEO, reacHIRE; Mimi Moss '93
How to prepare for today’s workforce, get interview ready, and return to work with confidence.
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Getting Unstuck: Career Advice for Mid-Level Professionals
Presenter: Nancy Halpern '79, executive coach
Common roadblocks for mid-level professionals and how to overcome them to grow your career.
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Get Promoted
Presenter: Mike Ramer '88, M.A. '89, executive search consultant
Strategies for securing your next promotion at work, no matter what field you are in.

Second Act Careers & Retirement
Presenter: Robert Romasco '69, former AARP board president
Covers medicare, social security, encore careers and other issues facing baby boomers, plus resources from AARP and elsewhere.
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Encore Career Strategies
Panel: Linda Breton '67, director, Affiliate Relations at ReServe; Carol Greenfield, founding director, Discovering What's Next
Strategies for making a smooth transition to the next chapter in your career for seasoned professionals.

Personal Branding & Networking

Why Personal Branding Matters
Presenter: Marissa Pick '07
Tips for building a powerful personal branding using social media. Watch recording.
Building Your Brandeis Alumni Network
Presenter: Alexandra Stephens, associate director, Hiatt Career Ctr
Online resources for finding and connecting with alumni, plus best practices for outreach. Watch recording. Download slides.
LinkedIn Networking Strategies
Presenter: Jason Sanders, MA'94
Tips and techniques from an executive recruiter on how to use LinkedIn to network to new opportunities and more effectively manage your career. Watch recording. Download slides.
How to Network When You Don't Know What You Want to Do
Presenter: Anna Graham Hunter, career happiness coach
How to clarify passions, explore potential careers, and build a network of champions committed to your success.
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Building Your Professional Brand
Presenter: Pamela Weinberg '87, career coach/personal branding strategist
Provides a step-by-step program to teach job seekers how to build and communicate their professional brand.
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Transform Your Accomplishments into Stories
Presenter: Trisha Griffin-Carty, communications coach
Transform your career accomplishments into engaging stories that employers want to hear.
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Effective Storytelling: Lessons from a Speechwriter
Presenter: Steve Rabin '00, former director of speechwriting, US Dept. of Health & Human Services
Covers how you can employ speechwriting techniques to your professional interactions, from networking to interviews.
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No Fear Blogging for the Job Search
Presenter: Alyson Weiss, social media specialist, Career Moves
Discusses how to create a blog strategy, write content that pops, and market your content so that hiring managers/clients take notice.
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Insider Secrets to a Powerful Professional Presence
Presenter: Annie Kip, style consultant / charisma coach
Offers 10 actionable techniques for optimizing your personal presence in the workplace.
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Build Your Profile & Your Brand on LinkedIn
Presenter: Alexandra Stephens, associate director, alumni engagement, Hiatt Career Center
Covers the power of a strong LinkedIn profile, from must-have sections to privacy settings.
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Expand Your Network on LinkedIn
Presenter: Alexandra Stephens, associate director, alumni engagement, Hiatt Career Center
How to find professional contacts, search jobs, and conduct career research using LinkedIn.
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Build Your Alumni Network Online
Presenter: Alexandra Stephens, associate director, alumni engagement, Hiatt Career Center
How to search for and connect with Brandeis alumni online using LinkedIn and the alumni directory in B Connect.
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Managing Your Brand in the Digital Age
Presenter: Aaron Finegold '09, worldwide marketing strategy consultant, OgilvyOne
How to take charge of your online brand, from enhancing your presence on key social media sites to removing unwanted content.
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Job Search Strategy

Will Your Resume Make the Cut?
Presenter: Monica Fochtman, PhD, CPRW
Insight into applicant tracking systems (ATS), how they are changing the hiring process and what you can do to prepare yourself and your documents for a successful job search.

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How to Negotiate Your First (or Next) Job
Presenters: Paul Levy & Farzana Mohamed
Negotiation strategy insights from years of real-world experience in job negotiations, sitting on both sides of the table.
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Unlocking the Hidden Job Market
Presenter: Victoria Crispo, Idealist
How to learn about jobs outside of posting boards, especially in the social impact sector.
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Resolve to Revamp Your Resume
Presenter: Jon Schlesinger
Learn how to craft a resume that reflects your professional brand, supports your career goals and appeals to potential employers.
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Ask for More: How to Negotiate a Higher Salary
Presenter: Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch
Learn how to assess your worth, identify non-salary areas for negotiation, and address the dreaded salary question during an interview. Includes practice scripts to use in upcoming negotiations. Watch recording. Download Prezi.
Ace the Interview: Interview Strategies That Get Results
Presenter: Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, career consultant
Learn how to sell the match between an organization's needs and your qualifications during any kind of interview.
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Goal Setting & Accountability in the New Year
Presenter: Debbie Lipton '83, career coach
Discusses the importance of goal setting and accountability when exploring new career paths or job transitions.
Ask a Recruiter: An Insider's Guide to Getting Hired
Presenter: Allison Nakano, MA'14, recruitment consultant
Get insider tips into getting hired, straight from the mind of a recruiter at Michael Page.
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New Year, New Resume, New You
Presenter: Joe Du Pont, former dean, Hiatt Career Center
Takes a sample alumni resume from good to great with tips for making your own resume stand out of the pile.
A Key to Practical Negotiation
Presenter: Steve Cohen '63, professor / negotiation consultant
Helps listeners comprehend the ‘whys’ that drive them and the ‘hows’ that will get them where they want to go in negotiations at work and at home.

Job Search Tips
Presenter: Andrea Dine, executive director, Hiatt Career Center
Learn the step-by-step process of finding a job and resources available through the Hiatt Career Center.

Diversity & Inclusion

How to Build a Diverse Team
Presenter: Felicia Jadczak, She Geeks Out
Learn how to write an inclusive job description and where to look for underrepresented candidate groups

Work-Life Balance Is Out / Work Compatibility Is In
Presenter: Anna Auerbach '05, CEO/Founder, Werk
Learn how to advocate and negotiate for flexibility by demonstrating the value proposition to the business.

Cultural Inclusion and Leadership in Today's Workforce
Presenter: Dena Samuels '87

Helps attendees to reflect on themselves, their environments and practices to create a work environment where all members belong.

New Data on Gender Bias in the Workplace
Presenter: Emilie Aries, founder/CEO, Bossed Up
Addresses modern gender bias in the workplace, with a focus on the hiring and interview process

Global Dexterity
Presenter: Andy Molinsky, author/professor
Offers tools to adapt behavior across cultures while staying authentic and grounded.

Diversity + Inclusion: The Least Expensive Formula to Multiply Profits
Presenter: Sheryl Axelrod '90, Esq., author/diversity thought leader
Presents research showing the profitiability of diversity and tips to increase inclusion in your business and professional interactions.dd

Start-ups & Entrepreneurship

From Full-Time to Freelance
Panel: Stacey Ebert '96, Sarah Goliger '12, Mitra Kaboli, Alice Pettway
Advice, personal stories and considerations for those considering a leap into freelance work from a full-time career. Watch recording.
Get Your Small Business Unstuck
Presenter: Barry Moltz '81, small business expert
How to small business owners can approach sales, marketing, social media, finance, personal productivity, managing employees and customer service to get business fluorishing again. Watch recording.
How to Launch a Start-up in 24 Hours
Presenter: Christine Souffrant Ntim, speaker/traveler/entrepreneur
Resources for entrepreneurs preparing for launch, from website set-up to product development to PR.
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Starting Your Own Business
Panel: Brad Akers '95, Michael Gerstein '96
Brandeis alumni share their start-up stories and lessons every entrepreneur should know.

Entrepreneurial Careers
Panel: Paul Bilodeau, Helene Lowenfels '05, Michael Raybman ’09, MS’10
Brandeis alumni and friends share their entrepreneurial paths and considerations for those looking to start a business.

Be Your Own Boss
Panel: Jennifer Adler '96, Lisa Schreider '96
Brandeis alumni discuss the rewards and challenges of owning a small business.


Memo to Lawyers: You Don't Have to Write Like Lawyers
Presenter: Rick Horowitz '70, Wordsmith-in-Chief, Prime Prose
Common-sense tips and new ways of thinking about legal writing.
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Breaking Into Hollywood
Presenter: Cindy Kaplan '08, owner, Hollywood Resumes
Ins and outs of getting hired for entry-level assistant jobs and internships in Hollywood.
Careers in the Comic Book Industry
Panel: A. David Lewis '99, Jonathan "Swifty" Lang '89
Brandeis alumni share information, advice and insights about their careers in comics.
Careers in the Arts
Panel: Myq Kaplan ’00, Ashley Firestone '05, Allison Young '09
Brandeis alumni discuss their careers in the arts, from stand-up comedy and museums, and advice for others with similar interests.

Job Search Strategies for Humanities and Social Science PhDs
Presenter: Joshua Cracraft, PhD'14
Tips for PhD graduates seeking jobs outside of academia, from identifying potential career paths and networking to marketing skills in applications and interviews. Watch recording.
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Careers in Media
Panel: Kate Gardiner '07, Jeremy Lechan '03, Mollie Warshaw '09
Brandeis alumni discuss their careers in media working for the Red Sox, PBS and Schwartz Communications.
Careers in Sports Marketing
Panel: Rashad Williams '02, Jayne Bussman-Wise '04
Brandeis alumni discuss their careers in sports marketing, from Nike and Adidas to the Brooklyn Nets and Madison Square Garden.
Breaking into the World of Publishing
Panel: Kayla Dos Santos '11, Kathleen Duffy '88, Devorah Klein '04
Brandeis alumni discuss their careers in publishing at Houghton Mifflin, Sterling and Jones & Bartlett.
The Next Chapter After a Career in Law
Panel: Wendy Berliner ’95, David Bunis '83
Former Brandeis alumni attorneys discuss their transition into brand new careers.
Technology's Role in Improving Health Outcomes
Panel: Willis Chandler ’97, Kimberly Lindfield, PhD ’96, Jon Waldstreicher ’05
Brandeis alumni discuss how technology influences preventative health, research and business innovation.
Staff Careers in Higher Education
Panel: Sherri Avery '95, Lee Goldstein '01, Sharon Rosenberg '00
Brandeis alumni discuss their careers in student services outside of the classroom and offer advice for pursuing similar paths.