Alumni Association


With more than 40,000 members, a number that increases annually by approximately 800, the Brandeis University Alumni Association (BUAA) is a robust, vibrant community that offers lifelong opportunities for alumni to stay connected to each other and to the university. All graduates of Brandeis University are automatically members of the Alumni Association and are entitled to a range of benefits and services

Brandeis University alumni with degrees from the International Business School or The Heller School for Social Policy and Management are also invited to participate with alumni programs through their respective schools.

Benefits and Services

The BUAA works year-round to provide ALL alumni with a menu of valuable benefits and services designed to meet your needs no matter what your age, profession or level of affiliation.  The Association runs more than 150 events each year, offers discounts on insurance; theater and sporting event tickets; Zipcar and other rental car services; and a plethora of career services.  Check out our complete list of offerings.

Brandeis University Alma Mater

To thee, Alma Mater we'll always be true.
All hail to thy standard the white and the blue.
Proclaiming thy future, recalling thy past -
our hopes spring from mem'ries eternally cast.
With sorrows we'll leave thee, new worlds to create.
May deeds of thy children make thee forever great.
May deeds of thy children make thee forever great.