Awards - Recognition

Brandeis University and the Alumni Association are proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of our graduates and the many ways they provide invaluable service to their alma mater.

Alumni Achievement Awards

Each year, Brandeis presents Alumni Achievement Awards to those who have made distinguished contributions to their professions or chosen fields of endeavors. It represents the highest form of university recognition bestowed exclusively on alumni. Winners are selected by the president of the University.

Service to the Association Award

The Alumni Association presents this award annually to an alumnus who has worked on behalf of the university and whose contribution is likely to have a lasting, positive impact on the Association.

Young Leadership Award

When merited, the Alumni Association presents this award to an alumnus who has graduated within the past ten years and has demonstrated leadership, hard work and commitment on behalf of the University.

The Selection Process

The Alumni Association solicits nominations for the Service to Association and Young Leadership awards from members of the University community. A committee of Alumni Board members reviews the submitted materials and selects those candidates who are deemed most deserving of recognition and whose achievements most closely fit the category for which they have been nominated.