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Online Services

Brandeis alumni have access to the following online services in perpetuity. 

Brandeis UNet Account 

A University Network (UNet) account provides access to core Brandeis services for all students, faculty, staff and alumni. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can use your credentials to access many of the services outlined below. 

Alumni Directory 

Find your old friends and classmates in the Brandeis Alumni Directory, a secure, password-protected resource that contains the names, and contact information of all alumni who earned a degree at Brandeis. Log in with your UNet ID.

My Brandeis Profile 

Log in with your UNet ID to update your contact information, choose what others can see about you in the Alumni Directory and manage your email subscription preferences.

Brandeis Email 

The Brandeis Alumni Association is pleased to offer free Gmail accounts to all Brandeis alumni with a registered UNet account. Along with your email account, you will have access to the entire suite of Google apps.

Eduroam WiFi

Eduroam is the official wireless network at Brandeis and thousands of other participating institutions across more than 100 countries. Sign in once with your UNet account to access WiFi wherever you are.

Alumni Association Supporting Member ID

Log in using your UNet account to access a personalized Alumni Association Supporting Member ID which gives you access to a number of Benefits and Services. 

Giving History

Easily access your giving history to Brandeis over the years (behind UNet login). 


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