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Brandeis ranks high in New York Times survey for economic diversity of student body

The founders of Brandeis would be proud.

The University ranks No. 9 among elite colleges for enrolling the highest percentage of low- and middle-income students, according to a study published by The New York Times.

UCLA topped the list, followed by Emory, Barnard, NYU, Vassar, Bryn Mawr, MIT and the University of Miami. Wellesley finished a spot behind Brandeis. Five of the eight schools ahead of Brandeis in the rankings have larger endowments.

upshotThe findings of the study, conducted by The Equality of Opportunity Project, are consistent with Brandeis’ mission to educate the most promising students without regard to their financial situations.

The study of the Class of 2013 also showed that 38 colleges in the United States, including five in the Ivy League, had more students from the top 1 percent (more than $630,000) of the income scale than the bottom 60 percent (below $65,000).

By contrast, 7.2 percent of Brandeis’ student body was from the top 1 percent and 24.3 percent was from the bottom 60 percent.

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Date: January 25, 2017