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Lee Wilson '18 continues his commitment to service

Lee Wilson '18 receives his award from Lucas Malo
Lee Wilson '18 and Lucas Malo, director of community service.

Lee Wilson '18 came to Brandeis knowing he wanted to get involved in community service, he just wasn't sure which program.

The Waltham Group at Brandeis offers dozens of options for students looking to make a difference through community service, and choosing one isn’t always easy.

When Wilson arrived on campus his first year he attended the Waltham Group Recruitment Night to find the right choice for him. That's where he learned about Prospect Hill Kids’ Club.

The kids' club partners with the community center at Prospect Hill Terrace, Waltham's largest low-income housing community, to provide the children a safe and stimulating place to go after school. Coordinators and volunteers serve as role models and mentors; they help kids with their homework and lead them in activities like sports, arts projects, baking and more.

"I thought it was the place that I could really bring the most to," Wilson said. “I had experience tutoring a similar age group in high school; I felt that I could make a difference," Wilson said.

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Date: September 17, 2018