Intercultural Center celebrates past, present and future

Members of the PUSH Committee, which founded the Intercultural Center. Photo courtesy of Madeleine Lopez.

For years, no one at Brandeis had the complete picture of how the Intercultural Center (ICC) came to be.

But that changed last fall when ICC director Madeleine Lopez discovered that the center, an on-campus space where students of diverse cultures and backgrounds connect and learn from one another, is actually celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

“It’s been an interesting journey,” said Lopez. “I am trained as a historian and when I first stumbled across documents about how students created the ICC, I learned that we were supposed to be celebrating a 25-year anniversary this year.

“But I also found out the students’ original vision for the ICC,” Lopez added. “An array of culturally and ethnically diverse students finally saw the dream of an Intercultural Center realized. Their aim was to educate the Brandeis community about the cultures of people of color and to establish a central place on campus for all people to explore, share, and honor each others' cultural heritages."

In 1992, 31 students officially secured a space for the ICC in Swig Hall with support from faculty and the university administration, although efforts to build an intercultural center date further back in Brandeis history. At the time of its founding, 11 clubs and organizations fit beneath the ICC umbrella, but five more have been added since that represent various cultures and traditions from around the globe.

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To find out more about the Intercultural Center's 25th anniversary celebration on April 28-29 or to register, visit the ICC website.

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Date: April 4, 2017