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‘Life on Parole,’ produced by alumnus, examines the challenges after prison

Jeff Arak '07

In the United States, more than 4 million people are serving time on parole or probation. Their stories are often overlooked and untold, but a new documentary co-produced by Jeff Arak ’07 aims to help change that.

“These are people standing in line next to us at the grocery store, or they are our neighbors, and we don't realize they are still serving sentences,” Arak said. “It's a topic a lot of people are interested in shedding some light on.”

“Life on Parole,” a documentary for the Emmy-award winning PBS investigative program Frontline, first aired in July. It follows the lives of four people after they are released from state prison in Connecticut as they try to re-enter society and avoid returning to prison. The film closely examines the challenges they face, along with the difficult jobs of their parole officers.

The film is part of a collaborative project between Frontline and the New York Times that focuses on various facets of life after incarceration, from parenting to addiction to re-incarceration. The Frontline documentary is the first major producer credit for Arak.

“To work with these powerful partners and push an ambitious idea into realization has been extremely thought-provoking and inspiring,” Arak said.

Read more about Arak and his work here.

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Date: September 1, 2017