Interview Coaching

Sponsored by the Hiatt Career Center, interview coaching sessions are an opportunity for Brandeis alumni, parents and employer volunteers to conduct one-on-one practice interviews with students, then offer constructive feedback to help them improve their interview skills. Interview coaching sessions are held weekly on Tuesday evenings when classes are in session. Sessions can be general or industry-specific, and held in-person, on the phone or via Skype.

Sign up here to express interest in hosting interview coaching sessions during the 2018-19 academic year. You will receive a follow-up email to confirm your specific date.

Suggested Timeline

5:00 – 5:15 PM         Volunteer check-in

5:15 – 7:30 PM         (3) 45-minute interview coaching sessions

What to Expect

There are two parts to your role as an interview coach. The first is to conduct a 20-30 minute simulated interview with a student one-on-one. You can select questions from this list of samples or you can ask your own. Some interviews may be more general (tell me about yourself, etc.) while others may be tailored to a specific field. Following the mock interview, you will have 15-20 minutes to offer feedback. You will receive a standardized assessment rubric to provide a framework for your feedback. You’ll be asked to address your interviewee’s preparation, body language, articulation of ideas and other skills and attributes that can make or break a real interview.

About Your Interviewees

You will meet with up to four students back-to-back. Students will represent diverse majors, class years and stages of career development. Some may be sophomores looking to conduct a general interview, while others may be graduating seniors with more specific interests. Students are asked to share a copy of their resume and a sample job description.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Experience:

  • Role model professional dress, posture, body language and tone to simulate a formal interview setting and set a positive example for your student.
  • Listen carefully to students’ responses to ensure they understand the purpose of the questions you are asking (e.g. the question behind the question).
  • Pay particular attention to how a student articulates how his/her interests, background, experience and skills align with a particular field, position or organization.
  • Ask follow-up questions to help students practice formulating quick and concise answers.
  • Ask students to clarify their responses if they are vague or unclear.
  • Provide honest, direct and actionable feedback to students so that they can improve their performance at their next interview.
  • Draw on your own experiences as an interviewer and/or interviewee to impart practical advice.
  • Leverage your own knowledge as an industry professional to ask relevant interview questions and offer tailored advice to students with interest in your field or function.
  • Provide direct, actionable feedback to students so that they can improve future performance.

More Information

Please contact Alexandra Stephens, associate director of alumni career programs and engagement, at (781) 736-3623 or