Follow-up & Thank You's

A thank you note is a simple way to express gratitude for someone’s time, insight, consideration, or advice. It may seem like common sense, but taking the time to write a thank you may differentiate you from the competition. In addition to showing your appreciation, thank you notes also demonstrate your genuine interest and enthusiasm, reiterate your relevant skills, and make another good impression.


There are many occasions for which a thank you note is appropriate.

  • After a formal interview
  • After an informational interview
  • After attending a networking event or conference
  • After a job decision has been made (whether or not you are offered the job)  
  • After an event, like a party or dinner meeting
  • To show gratitude for someone’s help, including serving as a reference or writing a letter of recommendation
  • To follow-up with a new networking contact

Writing Your Thank You Note

Your thank you note(s) should:

  • Be sent within 24 hours after the meeting.
  • Be brief and genuine yet very professional. Never use slang or other informal language.
  • Be personalized. It should be addressed to a specific person and should reference something from your conversation that was particularly helpful, meaningful, or interesting.
  • Indicate next steps. If the person referred you to another friend or colleague, state your plan of action for contacting that person.  If you plan to apply for a position after your interaction, indicate that, too. 
  • Be proofread and free from mistakes and misspellings (especially of people’s names and titles).

Email vs. Mail

In today's digital age, it is appropriate (and timely) to send a thank you via email. In some cases, you may still wish to send a thank you note via mail. If so, be sure it is printed on high-quality paper or handwritten on a simple note card.