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Alumni Spotlight: Stella Liberman '09

After only 5 months on the job, Stella got a promotion. The Hiatt Career Center interviewed Stella to learn how she made it happen and what advice she has for fellow alums looking to move up.

Hiatt: What is your academic background?
Stella: I majored in Art History and minored in Near Eastern a Judaic Studies at Brandeis University.

Hiatt: What do you do at the Jewish Federation of the East Bay and how were you promoted?
Stella: I began at the Federation as the Assistant to the Directors of Development and Planning. My work consisted of administrative work for two departments as well as various other responsibilities pertaining to donors and interactions with the agencies we support. I proactively took on more projects and mentioned to my boss in a conversation that I would like to be considered for a promotion. After five months, I was promoted to the role of Development Coordinator.

The promotion gave me many more responsibilities in working with donors and creating goals and events for our campaign. I now have a larger role in soliciting our donors as well as working with layleaders to further the organization's mission. I also continue to provide administrative support to the Development team and work closely with the Development Associate and Development Director. 

Hiatt: Have you used Hiatt’s resources as a student or as an alum?
Stella: I have. As a student, I used Hiatt as a senior while applying to jobs. Hiatt staff helped me format my resume and took away some of the anxiety of applying to jobs after school. I have also recently used Hiatt to help me re-format my resume to highlight my new experience, as well as my promotion. I was also able to discuss my career and educational goals with a career professional. Hiatt has been incredibly useful in helping me with my resume and giving me the support I need. It is great to be able to speak with a professional.

Hiatt: What steps should students take during college to prepare for opportunities at organizations like yours?
Stella: I think it is important to have experience - whether that be a paid position or an internship. It is also important to have a critical mind. A lot of my and my colleagues' time is spent problem-solving, planning and thinking. The education I received at Brandeis allows me to bring a critical and thoughtful mind to the table. While my major does not correspond with my job at the moment, the skills I learned certainly do.

Hiatt: Do you have any other advice for fellow Brandeis alumni?
Stella: I think we have to pursue what we are passionate about, but recognize that it is a long journey to our goals.

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