Beijing, China
Yangon’s revered Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

Brandeisians are an intellectually curious bunch. They enjoy engaging in stimulating conversation, exploring new ideas and learning about the history and cultures of distant lands. That is why the Alumni Travel program at Brandeis University is so successful. Over the years, enthusiastic groups of Brandeis alumni and friends have traveled to exotic destinations such as Cuba, China, France, Italy, Guatemala and many more. Whether sharing a meal, attending a Brandeis-only session, staying in hotel or riding on a plane, Brandeis friends and alumni benefit from traveling and exploring with like-minded individuals. Make your next excursion the trip of a lifetime! 




"As one who has read a fair amount about the camps, I would have to say that no book or documentary is capable of preparing one for the horror of actually being there." -- Jules Bernstein '57, "Pilgrimmage to Poland" participant. Read more.
Alyson Saykin
Director, Special Programs