Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends

Strategic Objectives

Five strategic objectives emerged from the vision, mission and goals. For each objective, we have identified key initiatives to execute within the next three years, all focused on achieving the goals. The selected initiatives intentionally include successful existing programs with opportunities for enhancement or a new approach, as well as new programs.

Volunteer leadership is integral to the plan, which relies on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Alumni Relations team to work together to drive initiatives through a task force dedicated to each objective. In addition, the strategies require cooperation across the Brandeis community, which include the Institutional Advancement team, Provost’s Office, Academics, Heller School, International Business School, faculty, Alumni Board, Central Communications and the Administration. In some cases, as noted, there are specific opportunities to partner with other areas as well.

To make the plan dynamic and effective, there must be accountability for each initiative. The plan proposes metrics to assess the progress and success of each concept on a quarterly basis, which are intended to be considered in the context of the costs of the effort. We expect that the programmatic components will evolve and grow as the strategic plan unfolds, with additional elements to emerge as we leverage the volunteer base and adopt better technologies.

Objective 1: Elevate and advocate Brandeis’ prestige and global impact.

Brandeis continues its storied history by providing an education that adheres to the highest academic and ethical standards that emphasize open inquiry, cultural diversity, equal access to opportunity, and freedom of expression. The alumni can be a significant voice in building awareness of Brandeis beyond the campus borders to attract applicants, potential partners, and future supporters, as well as strengthen the alumni network by sharing the success stories of faculty and alumni.

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Objective 2: Spark a culture of volunteerism and philanthropy across the alumni base.

Alumni engaged as volunteers and leaders are a powerful resource for the institution. Productive and appreciated volunteers will have a strong and deep commitment to Brandeis and to each other. As we work to change the culture at Brandeis so that alumni become part of the delivery of programs and services, we must also make sure that the structure of all volunteer programs reflects the Alumni Association’s purpose and are positioned to accomplish our newly created, vision, mission and strategic objectives. Opportunities for meaningful engagement supported by volunteer training and recognition are the key components in creating a culture of alumni volunteerism and philanthropy.

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Objective 3: Enable lifelong learning opportunities that reinforce the unique value of a Brandeis education.

The impetus and purpose for lifelong learning is to increase the affinity of alumni to Brandeis and to build and maintain a lifelong relationship with Brandeis. This strategic objective both showcases the world-class faculty at Brandeis and fosters connections for them with alumni (and parents and friends) resulting in the creation of a vibrant lifelong learning community.

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Objective 4: Expand and enhance alumni networking opportunities and career support.

Alumni are the most effective connection between Brandeis and opportunities beyond campus. Cultivating a robust alumni network enhances career opportunities that serve the best interests of the alumni and the institution. Whether alumni are interested in advancing their own career, connecting with each other, or helping students, career services can provide a forum. Expanding and enhancing career related programming is key to building a comprehensive, lifelong, and uniquely valuable Brandeis professional network.

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Objective 5: Harness the power of the Brandeis community to strengthen the student experience.

By tapping into the nostalgia and goodwill Brandeis alumni feel for their alma mater and by connecting alumni back to campus and to particular student clubs, teams, organizations, departments and programs for which they have a positive affinity, we strengthen the relationship between Brandeis and its alumni and improve the experience of the current students. Students will benefit from contact with like-minded alumni who can provide networking opportunities, mentor relationships, a greater sense of history and continuity and philanthropic support. Students will consequently experience the benefits of the Alumni Association before they graduate while meeting alumni who are modeling what it means to stay engaged, connected and supportive of Brandeis.

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