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Do you want to connect with other Brandeis alumni who work in your field? Would you like to meet alumni who share your interests? Are you hoping to expand your professional network or make contacts to help grow your business?

The new Brandeis Shared Interest Group program allows alumni to connect with fellow graduates in a different way that is not based on when they graduated or where they live. The inaugural groups are: Alumni of Color Network, Arts Network, International Alumni Network and Lawyers Network.

“We are excited to offer our alumni around the world the opportunity to engage with each other based on their mutual interests,” says Patsy Fisher, vice president of alumni relations. “These groups will allow alumni to strengthen their connections with each other through both in-person and virtual programming.”

The Shared Interest Groups will also engage with Brandeis students, providing them with chances to network with alumni who share their interests, both professionally and socially.

aocThe Brandeis Alumni of Color (AOC) Network welcomes any graduates who wish to connect with alumni of color or stay abreast of issues relating to diversity – at the University and beyond. Find out more or sign up now.

“As an undergraduate student, I wanted to connect with alumni of color who could share their experiences at Brandeis as well as advice about life after college. Previously, these opportunities were informal and sporadic. After graduating and speaking with fellow alumni of color, I learned that this desire was a shared perspective. Now, I am so excited to have a formal format for this collaboration through the Alumni of Color Network.” – Liane Hypolite ’10, co-chair

artsThe Brandeis Arts Network welcomes any alumni who work in or have an interest in the arts, including performing arts (theatre, music, dance, etc.), visual arts, film, television and entertainment. Find out more or sign up now.

“We are busily working on an arts group that reflects the depth and breadth of Brandeis alumni in the arts. Whether it’s to put out a call for artistic personnel or to spread the word about an upcoming performance, gig or exhibition, the Brandeis Arts Network is there for you!” – Amy Merrill ’69, co-chair

internationalThe Brandeis International Alumni Network welcomes both undergraduate and graduate international alumni living abroad or in the United States to keep in touch and stay connected. Find out more or sign up now.

"I believe that the Shared Interest Groups will provide yet another excellent opportunity for Brandeis alumni to reconnect with the University and with each other. Many of us maintain friendships, not only with our former classmates, but also with other Brandeis alumni with whom we share various connections, both personal and professional. I hope the International Alumni Network will provide international alumni, Brandeis's fastest-growing alumni group, a format by which we continue to engage with Brandeis, support one another and share our experiences, despite the sometimes-vast distances separating us." – Taeko Yamamoto ’91, co-chair

lawyersThe Brandeis Lawyers Network is a social, business, educational and professional group for undergraduate and graduate alumni with a legal background. Alumni working in any legal field are encouraged to join. Find out more or sign up now.

“I’m very excited about Brandeis’ launch of Shared Interest Groups, and the Lawyers Network in particular. I expect that the group will be a great resource for networking, referrals and continuing legal education opportunities. In addition, there is great potential for mentoring opportunities, and simply reconnecting with old friends.” – Andy Zeitlin ’90, co-chair

The Shared Interest Group program is the brainchild of Alumni Association volunteers who are seeking to connect alumni in new ways.

“We are always on the lookout for programs that can strengthen the ties among alumni,” says Trustee Mark Surchin ’78, the Alumni Association president.  “As with any new venture, we are counting on alumni to spread the word about Shared Interest Groups and encourage their classmates and friends to sign up today.”

For more information about the Shared Interest Groups program, email

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Date: January 31, 2017