Alumni in the News

Shining a light on those who speak truth to power

By Julian Cardillo ’14

Brandeis Trustee Allen Alter ’71 spent more than three decades at CBS News in many high-profile television production roles, but he says his latest endeavor, “Whistleblower,” premiering on July 13, is a project like no other.

Alter serves as the senior coordinating producer for the series, which is eight hour-long episodes that mostly feature two separate stories about individuals who have attempted to expose injustice in companies engaged in illegal and sometimes dangerous wrongdoing.

BrandeisNOW spoke with Alter to learn more about “Whistleblower” and his role on the production team.

BrandeisNOW: Allen, you’ve been at CBS for 33 years, but is there something that excites you most about this new project?

Allen Alter’71: What’s fascinating is that these are very impactful stories that, for the most part, people don’t know about. These stories involve ordinary John and Jane Does. They’re your average friend, relative, and neighbor who have seen something amiss where they work and have decided they’re going to do something about it. They become a whistleblower.

Many are quite heroic in what they do throughout this process. Once a case is accepted by the government, it’s under seal. That means persons who bring about legal action can’t discuss the case with anyone but a lawyer. They can’t talk about it to a spouse, a relative, or a friend. It adds a significant burden to people going through the process.

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Date: July 13, 2018