Fellows Council member Barbara Cantor Sherman ’54, P ’83 (right) with Trustee Barbara Mandel, P '73 and Malcolm Sherman, P '83, former chair of the Board of Trustees

The mission of the Fellows Council is to offer guidance and support to the Chair of the Board of Fellows and the University. The responsibilities of Fellows Council members include:

  • Serving on the governing body for the Board of Fellows
  • Providing leadership in a number of areas, including programming, events and fundraising
  • Supporting and attending Fellows programs and events
  • Assisting Fellows chair and University staff with Fellows events
  • Assisting University staff with solicitation of Fellows for annual gifts
  • Identifying potential new Fellows
  • Contributing financially to the University on an annual basis at the highest possible level

Fellows Council Members 

  • Judith Yohay Glaser '59, P'85, P'88
  • Marjorie Grodner Housen '56
  • Joyce Gail Krasnow P'83 
  • Glenn R. Langberg '82, P'17
  • Susan Lewtan Langberg '82, P'17
  • Bruce B. Litwer '61
  • Annette Liberman Miller '58
  • Leslie Pearlstein P'94
  • Barbara Cantor Sherman '54, P'83
  • Detlev Suderow '70, P'05
  • Paul M. Zlotoff '72