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Brandeis community opens home and heart this Thanksgiving

For years, Brandeis faculty, staff and alumni have opened their homes on Thanksgiving to international students who have no family or holiday plans of their own—a tradition that’s now a decade old and still going strong.

The annual Thanksgiving Host Program—which is administered through the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO)—introduces dozens of students from around the globe to the customs surrounding one of America’s most iconic holidays.

“The more students we can connect to community members, the more everyone has an opportunity to learn from each other,” said ISSO director Jodi Hanelt. “Having international students being able to see inside the homes of U.S. hosts is meaningful and has a great impact on people.”

Although all involved come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, visiting students often talk about life in their home countries. They share some of their own holiday traditions and offer their experiences of living and studying in the U.S.

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Date: November 22, 2016