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David Weil selected as dean of the Heller School

In 2014, Weil took a leave from BU after former President Barack Obama appointed him to head the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, which is charged with promoting and achieving compliance with fundamental labor standards, including those related to the minimum wage, overtime, child labor and family medical leave. 

“Throughout his distinguished career in government and academia, David has focused on the potential of public policy to improve society, and his work reflects a clarity in thinking that is badly needed in our public policy discussions,” said Brandeis President Ron Liebowitz. “Under his leadership, Brandeis’ Heller School is poised for even greater influence in applying policy research and analysis to tackling our most critical social issues, and Heller students, faculty and researchers will continue to exemplify Brandeis’ core value of using one’s talents to improve the world.”

In his new role at Heller, Weil will lead a policy school and research institution focused on driving positive social change through research, education and public engagement to address disparities in well-being across fields, from health care to sustainable development. Its nearly 500 graduate students come from 60 different countries. Consistently ranked as a top-10 school of social policy, Heller generates $19 million annually in sponsored research. 

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Date: May 18, 2017