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Brandeis community member needs our help

Dania Khandaker, department coordinator for the Brandeis National Committee

Dania Khandaker needs your help!

The department coordinator for the Brandeis National Committee is undergoing dialysis and requires a kidney transplant to sustain her in her fight against lupus nephritus.

"We urge everyone in the Brandeis family to consider getting tested to see whether they would be a compatible match for Dania," says Beth Bernstein, MA'90, executive director of the Brandeis National Committee. "Ever since joining the Institutional Advancement staff, Dania has been the heart and soul of our team and the glue that holds the BNC together. Dania is such a vibrant and caring young woman, and we are all praying we can find her the help she needs to get better."

Dania, 26, is on the national kidney donor list, but the average waiting period for a good match for her is seven years. Although family members often provide the best match, her parents and siblings were rejected from becoming donors because of their age and health.  

The transplant surgery would be performed at Massachusetts General Hospital at no cost to the donor.

Anyone interested in donating is urged to reach out to Dania ( who wish to remain anonymous should contact the hospital directly (617-643-7193) and be tested for a match for DaniaProspective donors who are not a direct match may still be able to help through a paired kidney exchange, a donation program in which one incompatible donor/recipient pair is matched with another in the same situation, in turn helping to save two patients' lives. For more information, please visit Dania's website.

Dania has worked at Brandeis since August 2014, quickly becoming an integral part of the Institutional Advancement team. She earned her bachelor’s degree in international development and social change from Clark University in 2012, and received her master’s in public administration from the school a year later. An ardent traveler, Dania enjoys visiting new locations and trying food from around the world. A loving wife, daughter, sister and friend, Dania has had to put her life on hold as she undergoes treatment.

We are all hopeful that she will find a donor soon who will be able to help.

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Date: November 4, 2016