Daniel Acheampong '11, Bold National Co-Chair

D. Acheampong

Areas of study: Economics with a minor in Politics
Favorite class/professor: Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise with Professor Ed Bayone. Not only is he an excellent teacher, Professor Bayone is also an excellent mentor. He is always seeking opportunities to help his students improve their personal and professional skills.
Best place to study: IBS Building. My friends and I often ordered Dominoes Pizza and pulled all-nighters. 
Memorable moment: A memorable moment for me was doing a rap battle with former President Fred Lawrence during the Battle of the DJs Party my senior year. This was a novel experience for me and President Lawrence. We tried our best. The resounding cheer from the crowd swallowed our novice lyrics. 
When I wasn’t in class, I liked to ...:  socialize in Shapiro Campus Center and eat chocolate chip bagels from Einstein's. Shapiro Campus Center became my second dorm. 
When I look back, I wish I had ... : taken more time to relax and fully enjoy the surroundings. I often got so consumed with my responsibilities that I neglected to participate in many amazing experiences, such as a trip to the Middle West or Europe with my classmates. 
After Brandeis: I worked in private wealth management at Goldman Sachs and in private equity at Summit Partners. I am currently pursuing an MBA at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MPA at John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University. 
How I stay connected: Some of my closest friends are Brandeis graduates, so we visit campus often to attend events or participate as panelists. I have also helped plan events to bring alumni together. 
Why I give back: I give back because Brandeis is home. The community gave so much to me. Brandeis is a part of me and I am part of it. 

Rebecca Bachman '13, Bold National Co-Chair

R. Bachman

Areas of study: Education Studies and Sociology double major with a minor in Social Justice, Social Policy
Favorite class/professor: Intro to Sociology with Wendy Cadge
Best place to study: It's a toss-up between The Waltham Group Office, Student Union Office and the Campus Center Library.
Memorable moments: Kindness Day was a new concept as a sophomore, and I sat on the interdepartmental planning committee. We ran of out postcards for people to send across campus. I had a tough day and remembered to check my mailbox on my way home. Fortunately, I had several notes from friends, and realized how small gestures were permeating campus to spread smiles and make everyone's days better. 
When I wasn’t in class, I liked to …: do everything on campus! My friends are amazing and I'm lucky to have made some of my best friends through activities outside the classroom. I was involved in The Waltham Group, Kindness Day, The Student Union, Orientation and more. At Brandeis there were amazing opportunities to work with the administration, and serving on university committees allowed me to build wonderful relationships. 
When I look back, I wish I had ...: gone on a volunteer vacation.
After Brandeis: I moved back to New York and worked at a small foundation. Now I'm the Events Manager at Change for Kids, an education nonprofit in NYC. I really enjoy the team and working to increase resources in under served public elementary schools. 
How I stay connected: Visiting campus when in the Boston area is important to me. I love receiving the Waltham Group Alumni Newsletter and hearing what is happening on campus. Keeping in touch with my mentors and attending as many NYC alumni events as possible helps me stay connected. 
Why I give back: I give back to Brandeis because of the enormous positive impact Brandeis had on my life. I want to make sure that others continue to have the same opportunities.