Flat Ollie

Flat OllieI welcomed you to campus at orientation, cheered you on in the gym and soccer field, dragged you out of the library for Midnight Buffet, posed for thousands of pictures, and bid you a farewell during senior week. It has been a few years and I miss hanging out with you, so I'm coming to visit!

I squished down flat to go through the mail and should have arrived in mid-October. I'll be blogging about my adventures on the new Brandeis Bold blog, so make sure to send any photos you take of me and a little about what we did to I might blog about it or post it on Facebook! Make sure to tag my photos – I want to make sure you shot me at a good angle.

If you did not get me in the mail, that means we don't have your address! Email so we can fix it.

In the meantime, friend me on Facebook, like my fanclub (aka the Brandeis Bold Facebook page), and follow my friends at the Office of Alumni Relations on Twitter.

Love and bagels,


PS. If I didn't make it to your house and you want to get started right away, print me.

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