Galapagos 2017

Sea lion
Giant Tortoise
Blue-footed booby


January 27 - February 5,  2017

Join us for an incredible 10-day expedition to the Galapagos led by Brandeis faculty Professor Dan Perlman

About the Trip

The Galapagos Islands are a preeminent destination for those who love wildlife and the natural world. Isolated for millions of years, the area was colonized by plants and animals that evolved and developed within this pristine ecosystem. Tortoises grew to giant proportions, iguanas took to the ocean in search of food and tiny finches adapted in this timeless world. Discoveries about the inhabitants of the islands and surrounding waters - including waved albatrosses, penguins, storm petrels and hammerhead sharks - have changed our understanding of life and evolution on this planet.

Accompanied by only the highest-rated native naturalist guides, travelers will experience unrivaled access and adventure. Cruise to the greatest array of islands, where you will enjoy a spectacular look at the islands’ diverse terrain — desert landscapes, lush highland forests, volcanic soils and nutrient-rich waters. Professor Dan Perlman will enrich the experience with his extensive knowledge of the fragile ecosystems and amazing wildlife on the islands. As a special feature of this tour, travelers will visit Genovesa Island, commonly referred to as “Bird Island” for the vast numbers of pelagic seabirds that come there to nest. 

Travelers will enjoy the intimacy of the 32-passenger MV Evolution, which is small enough to navigate the inlets but large enough to feel spacious. You may also explore the area aboard zodiacs, as you cruise among volcanic cliffs, watch blue-footed boobies “dive-bombing” for food and more. 

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Red-footed booby  Swallow-tailed gull  Frigate bird

About Professor Dan Perlman

Dan Perlman

Dan L. Perlman is associate provost of Innovation in Education, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Brandeis University, where he teaches conservation biology, ecology and animal behavior. He has co-authored three textbooks on conservation biology and ecology: "Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens" (with Jeffrey C. Milder); "Conserving Earth’s Biodiversity" (an interactive CD-ROM created with Edward O. Wilson); and "Biodiversity: Exploring Values and Priorities in Conservation" (with Glenn Adelson). In addition, he developed a web site from which he freely distributes teaching materials he has developed for ecology and environmental studies ( He has been awarded university-wide teaching awards at Brandeis University (the Student Union Teaching Award twice and the Louis Dembitz Brandeis Prize for Excellence in Teaching once) and at Harvard University (the Phi Beta Kappa Prize for Excellence in Teaching), where he taught conservation biology part-time for nine years. He received a PhD from Harvard University’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.  

Accommodations: IE Chartered Small-Ship MV Evolution


Guests will enjoy the intimate atmopshere of the MV Evolution, which accommodates just 32 guests. This small ship features a great deal of public space, including a bar on the canopied observation roof deck, perfect for enjoying a snack and drink while whale watching or chatting with fellow passengers. Two-person kayaks are available. Each day, the on-board naturalist guides will give talks and briefings on the day’s events and discuss the natural and human history of the Galapagos. They will help travelers understand the context of what they've seen and help prepare them for the next day’s activities. A convenient boarding platform makes it easy and safe to board excursion boats. 

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Tour package

Packages start at $6,198 per person (based on double-occupancy), airfare, park fees and taxes are additional. Single-occupancy begins at $7,698 per person, limited availability. Our tour operator, International Expeditions (IE), would be pleased to assist with reservations, flights and travel inquiries. Please contact our representative, Sherry Boyd, at 800-633-4734 ext. 27122 or email her at   

Machu Picchu & Cusco Post-Trip Extension 

February 5 - 11, 2017

Machu Picchu

Dwarfed by mighty peaks covered in a perpetual mantle of snow and the massive stone walls of ancient forts and temples, the Sacred Valley and "lost city" of Machu Picchu tour offers a rare glimpse into the soul of the Andes. Explore ancient cities and a vibrant, lost culture that still lives in our imaginations. From the sheer sides of the Andes to sacred valleys, this historic area is still shrouded in mystery. 

During your Machu Picchu and Cusco tour, you will visit many Inca sites scattered throughout the Sacred Valley, including Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman and the Koricancha Sun Temple. This comprehensive look at Inca and Spanish archaeology is enhanced by knowledgeable Machu Picchu travel guides. 

Land packages start at $3,498 per person (based on double-occupancy), or $4,488 for single-occupancy, airfare and park fees are additional.  Please view the brochure for the extension itinerary and package details. 


To reserve your space or learn more about package options, flights or for travel inquiries, contact International Expeditions at 800-633-4734 ext. 27122 or email  A deposit of $600 per person is required to secure your space. View the brochure for package details and information. Please note: Park fees and in-country airfare are subject to change and must be purchased through IE.

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For more information, contact Alyson Saykin, director of special programs, at or 781-736-2988.



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International Expeditions (IE)
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