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Watch: Celebrating the Classes of 2020 and 2021

- First, I wanna say, if you are still here, you're a real one. And I love you.

(crowd cheers)

- In all challenges, there are silver linings. There are opportunities for hope and vision, and there are opportunities for leadership, to be bold, to be innovative, and to do things differently.

As Brandeisians, you are a part of that history and the culture and values that have shaped Brandeis, they have also shaped you.

- As you walk out of these doors today, may you have the courage to fearlessly pursue your dreams and walk your path and embody all that it means to be resilient and graceful.

- When you step out of your comfort zone, you may find yourself, like I did, not doing what you

expected, but what you love. Hold on to your friends, lift each other up have good cries, and great laughs. Stay open. Resist, persist, insist, elect.

- So please be proud of yourself. Keep being passionate. Keep standing in your truths. Hold with you the lessons this experience has taught you no matter what twists and turns this life throws at you, remember: enjoy the thrill.

- I wish you every success in your endeavors, And I look forward to welcome you back to Brandeis many, many more times.

Thank you.