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Celebrating the Class of 2022

Celebrating the Class of 2022

Piano and drum music opens the video with closeups of flags flying in front of Gosman Sports Center, stacks of Commencement programs, people handing out programs, empty chairs and an empty podium.

Two ushers in white tops and blue lanyards say together, “Welcome to commencement! [laughter]”

Hyperlapse of the auditorium seating being filled from empty.

President Ron D. Liebowitz speaks from behind the podium, “On behalf of the faculty, staff and trustees of the university, I, too, am delighted to welcome all of you to the 71st commencement ceremony at Brandeis University.”

A student in a cap, gown, and yellow hood waves at the camera. Students enter the gym in their regalia in rows, surrounded by cheering family and friends.

Ron continues to speak off-camera, “Congratulations to the Class of 2022. You arrived at this day through persistence, determination and resilience and we happily celebrate your achievements here in person.”

The marshall of ceremonies enters the center aisle, leading faculty and graduates. Row upon row of graduates in black caps and gowns enter.

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, dressed in a red gown, speaks, “It is good to be together and to be with you this morning to share in your milestone. You have worked for, sacrificed for, hoped and prayed for and most certainly paid for your several degrees and I congratulate each and every one of you.

A faculty member bangs on a gong, though no sound is heard, and the scene shifts to lots of individual shots of students excited for their graduation, throwing their hands in the air or waving at the camera.

Students being to audibly cheer and clap.

Haley Brown ‘22, undergraduate commencement speaker, speaks, “Congratulations! Today is a day about reminiscing just as much as it is about looking forward.”

There are close ups of tassels hanging from black caps as the music changes to a more retrospective piano tone.

Haley continues to speak off-screen over a montage of students in the crowd,

“Becoming a college student, becoming a Brandeis student, could not be predicted for it was unique to each of us. But from the very beginning of our Brandeis experience, from that first April snow, we have shown ourselves that the unexpected is nothing more than an opportunity.

But what we will forever share is that Brandeis is our alma mater, that we got through these four years together despite sometimes feeling like the world wanted to tear us apart. We are now officially Brandeis graduates.”

More closeups of students walking into Gosman appear on screen as a montage.

Anthi Harish, IBS MSF’22, beings speaking off-camera. As she speaks, the scene shifts between numerous close ups of students walking in, watching ceremony, or celebrating in caps and gowns, and going back to closeup of Anthi on stage. She says, “Most of us graduating today have lived through times of uncertainty, but here we are, together, ready to step into the world and though we may not know what it holds for us, we do know that we have a place that will always have our backs. Brandeis stands for inclusivity, activism and self-expression. Look around you! Inclusivity is not just a word, but the very fabric of our community. Accept who you are and revel in it. I am so lucky to have been part of a university that values self-expression so much. Graduates, I know today is the day of mixed emotions. As we step into bigger opportunities, we also leave behind a life that has become so familiar to us, but we do this with our heads held high and heart strong. We leave knowing that we have done the best we can during our time here. We have come so far in our journeys and we have so much further to go and look forward to.”

Haley begins to speak again on stage, “We are the class of 2022. Resilient, adaptable, motivated and as long as we always recognize the humanity in each other, there is nothing that can stop us.”

President Liebowitz speaks, “To the graduating students here today, I wish you every success in your future endeavors and I look forward to welcoming you back to campus as alumni often. Congratulations and good luck.”

A montage of students in caps and gowns at commencement plays until the

One student says, “I would say thank you to my mom and my family. They mean the world to me and they're the reason that I got here.”

A student says, “Thank you to my mom and dad and my brother.”

A student says, “Thank you for teaching me how to be an adult and go Deis!”

A student says, “Thank you mom and my entire family for coming out!”

A student says, “Thanks to my family, friends and my professors.”

A student says, “Thank you to the Brandeis art department. You carried Brandeis on your back for the last four years and I couldn't be here without you.”

A student says, “I just want to thank my family, and my grandma especially. She wasn't able to make it today and also all my mentors here.”

A student says, “We did it!”

Three students say, “Congrats!”

A student says, “Congrats class of 2022!”