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Nineteen Brandeis alumni lawyers admitted to Supreme Court Bar

Brandeis Alumni lawyers sworn in to Supreme Court Bar.

Louis Brandeis would be proud.

Nineteen Brandeis alumni lawyers from around the country were admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States at the second annual group swearing-in ceremony on June 3.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg greeted the Brandeis group, which included alumni who had graduated in every decade from the 1950s to the 2000s, and their guests following the ceremony.

Last year’s event, when 16 alumni joined the Supreme Court bar, marked the first time a group of undergraduate alumni affiliated with a college or university were sworn in together at the country’s highest court.

“This swearing-in ceremony is a remarkable honor for our distinguished alumni in the legal community and an outstanding tribute to the university’s namesake, Supreme Court Associate Justice Louis D. Brandeis,” said President Frederick Lawrence. “He would be very proud.”

While waiting for the court session to begin, Daniel Terris, P’08, P’11, P’12, P’15, director of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis, updated the group on the center’s recent activities and upcoming initiatives. The Brandeis contingent was then ushered into the courtroom, where custom calls for complete silence until the gavel is heard.

“As many times as I have seen this, I still get a thrill when the clock strikes 10 and the nine justices of the Supreme Court take their seats on the bench,” said Lawrence, a member of the Supreme Court bar since 1993.

Before Justice Roberts called upon Lawrence to move the group for admission, the court read an opinion in the case Maryland v. King regarding the admissibility of DNA evidence. Justice Anthony Kennedy read a summary of the majority opinion, and Justice Antonin Scalia read the dissenting option.

“We were fortunate to hear the court read this historic opinion,” Lawrence said “This case will receive attention for years to come. We will remember being in the courtroom when it was read.”

Alumni sworn in this year: Jonathan Adelsberg ’89, Nancy Alpert ’75, Loretta Attardo ’70, Michael Chartock ’85, Allan Drachman ’58, Jack Garfinkle ’93, Alan Greenwald ’52, David Hendel ’79, Andrew Jagoda ’81, Monica Katz-Lapides ’06, Jordan Keusch ’91, Daniel Kohn ’84, Gwen Marcus ’78, Klari Neuwelt ’68, Melissa Greenberg Paszamant ’93, Paul Ranis ’91, William Singer ’62, Paul Sorrentino ’82 and Richard Wasserman ’69.

Following the swearing-in, the group celebrated at the Monocle Restaurant on Capitol Hill.

To be eligible for admission to the Supreme Court bar, lawyers must be a member of a sub-national bar for at least three years and obtain a certificate of good standing from the state, commonwealth, territory or possession where they practice.

For more information about participating in next year’s swearing-in, contact Karen Rogol.

Date: June 25, 2013