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'Jump in — don’t hold back': Brandeis welcomes the Class of 2022

Large group of students and families spread out on Chapels Field for Convocation, with overlayed words "Brandeis University Class of 2022, Welcome home!"

On a postcard-perfect day, Brandeis’ largest entering class ever was welcomed with snacks, music and hundreds of helping hands.

After moving their belongings into residence halls in the morning, members of the Class of 2022 gathered on Chapels Field Sunday afternoon for Convocation, the official ceremony welcoming new students. President Ron Liebowitz urged Brandeis' newest students to learn and live the university's special history of openness, inclusion and a commitment to repair the world; to help define and build the university community; and to take full advantage of the opportunities that await them.

"Jump in, don't hold back," he said. "You are joining an academic and intellectual community that offers an exceptional undergraduate education with meaningful research, collaborative learning and co-curricular opportunities."

At the same time, he cautioned against becoming overwhelmed.

"Choose wisely and don't over-choose," he said. "You can only do a limited number of things well, and if you spread yourself too thin you will fail to take advantage of the many great things Brandeis has to offer, most of which require deep dives and a true commitment on your part."

Provost Lisa Lynch, P’17, whose daughter graduated from Brandeis last year, advised parents, relatives and friends of the newest class to give the students space to grow, but also be ready to support them through challenges.

"You know they deserve to be here at Brandeis and that they can succeed. Our admissions office does not make mistakes," she said. "Help them figure out how to navigate through those trying moments that are a part of anyone's college experience."

She also had some advice for first-years: "Call home!" she said. "Text if you have to. When our daughter started at Brandeis she decided for the first four weeks not to call home.  My husband would call me at work here every day saying, 'Why don’t you go in front of her class and see how she is doing?' So if you do not want your family outside your classroom — call home!"

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Date: August 28, 2018