Class of 2004 wins second annual Bold March Mania Challenge

It's time to celebrate: The second annual Bold March Mania Challenge raised nearly $11,000.

Thanks to a big, final-day push, the Class of 2004 prevailed in the second annual Bold (Brandeisians of the Last Decade) March Mania Challenge.

The ’04ers, who will celebrate their 10th Reunion on June 6-8, totaled 43 gifts – 31 of which were made on March 31. The final-day total triggered a $2,000 match from a class member.

The Class of 2013 finished second in the competition among the 10 most recent graduating classes. The Class of 2006 was third. Last year’s champs, the Class of 2012, tied for fourth.

In all, the two-week competition raised $10,821, including a second $2,000 match based on the total number of gifts received.

“We congratulate the Class of 2004 on their victory and hope the class members will celebrate their accomplishment as a group at their 10th Reunion,” said Mark Ableman, assistant vice president of development. “The real winners of March Mania are today’s Brandeis students, who will benefit from the generosity of the young alumni.”

Categories: Giving
Date: April 2, 2014