Brandeis alumni network opens doors

A small commitment of time to expand your network can make a huge difference in your life or the lives of Brandeisians you might be able to help. Just ask Ariele Bernard ’05.

“What I love about the Brandeis network is that it serves as a resource no matter when you graduated,” Bernard says. “Networking with my Brandeis connections that I met at the Hiatt Career Center's networking night in Washington, D.C. in 2015 put me in touch with John Farr ’08, who successfully referred me for my current position at Booz Allen.” Bernard’s third anniversary at Booz Allen is approaching soon.

A connection between Dan Khudyak ’17 and an alumnus led to an important professional opportunity.

“I interned for New York City Football Club and had a growth-filled and eye-opening experience with an immensely talented Brandeis athlete alum, Jayne Bussman-Wise ’04, as my boss,” Khudyak says. “I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without attending the reception.” That summer internship led to a permanent position as the digital coordinator of video at New York City Football Club, a role Khudyak has held for over a year.

The potential of the Brandeis network is hard to overstate. You can learn how to build your network by participating in a January 24 webinar, Building Your Brandeis Alumni Network.

Alexandra Stephens, associate director of alumni career programs and engagement, will help you maximize online resources for finding and connecting with each other, including: the alumni directory in B Connect, LinkedIn, regional and shared interest groups on Facebook, and more. She'll also provide best practices for outreach on the various platforms.

Categories: Events
Date: December 24, 2017