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At Brandeis, a symposium for black lives

The Black Lives Matter movement was the subject of its own two-day academic symposium on the Brandeis campus March 23 and 24.

While there were keynote addresses - Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor both spoke – and sessions with distinguished scholars and artists, “Black Lives Matter: Local Movements, Global Futures” was also heavy on student involvement. A series of "teach-ins" were organized by students from Professor Chad Williams's class AAAS 156A: #BlackLivesMatter and Professor Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman’s AAAS/ENG 141B: Critical Race Theory.

The events looked at the Black Lives Matter movement and the treatment of black people at the local, regional, national and international levels. They featured subjects like "Black Lives in the (Brandeis) Archives," "Boston and Grounding the Local," "National Movement Building," “Intersectionality and Racial Potentials” and “Global Struggles.”

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Date: March 31, 2017