Address Age Issues

How can you counter a preconception based upon your age? Experienced workers use a variety of strategies to overcome employer prejudgments.

Show Enthusiasm and Energy

"You're never fully dressed without a smile!" As you job hunt, tell others about your best and favorite skills. Be good to yourself; don't beat yourself up. Go after the kind of career/position you really want.

Look Up-to-Date

Your dress must reflect today's attire. Wear what is in the stores now, not what you bought years ago.

Talk Up-to-Date

The deadliest mistake is to dwell on the past. Focus ahead and talk about the future. Instead of "how things were," speak about the organization's and your goals for the future.

Be Computer Literate

For most jobs it is crucial. Know the buzzwords so that you can convincingly project essential computer skills. <

Address Age Difference

If the hiring manager is younger than you, proactively take the initiative and broach the subject. For example, "You may wonder if I would be comfortable working for someone when there is an age difference. I want to assure you that I would be."

Address Longevity/Over-Qualification

Detail your long-range plans for being at the company. Project your satisfaction with the position/role for which you are interviewing.

Avoid Very Long Answers

Being long-winded gives the impression that you have nothing to do all day but talk. It may support an interviewer's stereotype that older employees will spend the day socializing, not working. For interview questions, the target response time is a few minutes. Be sure to address the interviewer's questions in a succinct way.

Address Spoken (or Unspoken) Concerns about Health

Statistically, older workers have better attendance than younger workers and take fewer sick days. For health insurance, most insurers base employer premiums on claims, not on the age of their workers.

From Macalester College

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